elevating quality standards

We have the opportunity to participate in elevating the standards of our entire industry. The foundation of that evolution is in the selection process.

a higher standard of consistency

Standardization exists in terms of Grade. The spectrum it covers is broad, and the reality is that grading varies greatly from plant to plant and grader to grader.

USDA Prime
PFD Prime

a unique perspective

The ability to receive product in its natural form allows for a unique perspective into the animal as a whole and how its grade translates across the entire carcass.

as you wish

The relationships we form with those we serve are as personal as their individual steak eating experiences. From color and texture to size and profile, the “best steak” is simply the one the guest likes the best.

Having taken the time to discover what that is, the next step is to secure a sufficient quantity of the raw material, and create the product that contains all the characteristics that are desired. Whether the requirement is beef, pork, veal, lamb or poultry, we offer proteins in all manners of customization, with the same level of attention given to each process.