We could tell you the story about how we’ve been master butchers for years, providing the finest meats and poultry to the industry. We would be happy to talk about our exceptional quality, sourcing relationships, state-of-the-art facility, processing, and innovative packaging. 

All of that is true. We could also tell you about the commitment, attention to detail, expertise, experience and care that goes into every single cut of meat we offer. Again, all true.

However, the most important aspect of any relationship, online or in real life, is trust.
Which begs the obvious question: Why should you trust us?

The simple answer is that we’ll always tell you the truth. Prime Food Distributor grew out of an essential desire to deliver the truth about our products and what it takes to create them. We know that you have many shopping options and the decision to purchase from us is the highest compliment you can pay us. That’s why everything we say about our products is understated, simple, honest and true.

We don’t use Organic, Natural, Antibiotic-free, Prime, or other labels that may or may not be real to create perceptions. This is what’s real for us: We work hard, use our resources and push ourselves to the limit every day to produce the highest quality products possible. Our commitment and accountability to you means everything to us. Other companies in our position spend a lot of time and effort selling a product. We are forever vigilant about getting it right and achieving transparency in the process.

It is the natural progression of what we’ve been doing at Prime Food Distributor for the last several years. We’re now honored to bring that kind of quality to your home. 

Every meal is an opportunity to create, to connect, to celebrate. From family dinners to date nights to entertaining friends and hosting holidays, many of our fondest memories are shared around our tables. That is what we would like to share with you. 

We could tell you how delicious and wholesome our products are, but we’d rather you decide for yourself. We’re confident you’ll taste the truth of what we’re saying and that we’ll earn your trust. 

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