Be An Impact Player by becoming part of our team

At PFD we encourage our team to explore all aspects of our trade. If you have the integrity, strong work ethic and desire to learn, we’ll give you the tools and opportunity to succeed.

The PFD Way

An important part of our culture is to make contributions that help move our industry forward. It is both our privilege and responsibility to practice and teach our trade as well as we can. Our methodology develops talent and our ethos is visible throughout all of our relationships.

A Place For You

There are so many opportunities, regardless of what your skill set it is or what your assets are, where you can be an impact player. If you have the right attitude, you want to learn and you're motivated, we have a place for you.

We don't do the same thing every day here, so things are always changing. People who can handle pressure and have that ability to think critically and be light on their feet thrive here.

-Nick Castellana, Vice President

Our team is proud of what they do here every day. When they come in and when they leave I want them to be exhausted, but I also want them to be fulfilled…and I want them to be able to not wait to get in here tomorrow.

-John Kosmidis, Executive Vice President

We’re looking for a few good people.

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