All burgers are not created equal. The Meritage Burger is a unique grind that balances the flavors of our exclusive blend of Pure Aged ribeye, chuck, short rib and Chef’s Gold marbling that creates a deceptively simple burger that’s simply delicious.

It’s love at first sight—and smell. The aroma of a Meritage burger sizzling on a barbecue, flat top or broiler is guaranteed to whet your appetite. We’re sure that your taste buds will agree.

The Meritage Fundamentals


Pure Age is a proprietary aging process taken from our steak cutting operation that allows our beef’s true essence to emerge. Our Pure Aged Ribeye, long regarded as the most coveted cut of beef for its flavor and bite, is the dominant ingredient in all Meritage varieties.


Chuck’s complexity, texture and juiciness make it a core ingredient in the Meritage. It’s the best stand-alone meat for a burger, second only to ribeye. 


The intense bold flavor and flakiness of Short Rib make it the single most consistent performer in our burger.

Chef’s Gold,

Chef’s Gold, a tenderloin fat that’s been dry-aged to perfection, is a crucial component in all Meritage burgers. Its marbled composition and pure beef flavor provide the canvas that showcases the incomparable combination of premium cuts in every patty.

Meritage Burger™ - 2 Pack
Meritage Burger™ - 2 Pack

Meritage Burger™ - 2 Pack


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